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8620 Nieuwpoort

Discover Nieuwpoort's unique fish market and fishing port.  The business of catching and selling fish was a very prominent feature of the town's history as early as the 12th century. Nieuwpoort is now mainly known for its delicious common shrimp.

Take a stroll along the Quay, where the guide will tell you about the moored fishing boats. Find out when the shrimp boats put out and return. See where the shrimps are cooked. Learn what bycatch is and discover the difference between flatfish and round fish. You will get an idea of what happens from the time the fish are unloaded at the quayside to when they are sold to the fish merchants. Between the sheds you will discover an old fishing vessel (N.86), a unique opportunity to learn more details about a fishing boat.

When you walk through the central passageway of the municipal fish market you will be able to catch a glimpse of the shrimp sieving and sorting machine through the windows. The other parts of the fish market are not open to the public.

Afspraak: Clock tower at the Fish Market 

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