09/05/2020 to 10/01/2021


Bezoekerscentrum Westfront, Kustweg 2
8620 Nieuwpoort

058 23 07 33

My War - Juul Filliaert 1914-1918

journalist, publisher, collector

Westfront Visitors Centre

Juul Filliaert's wartime experiences are brought back to life at the Westfront in Nieuwpoort.

As editorial secretary of the trench newspaper magazine De Belgische Standaard, he was closely involved in all the initiatives taken to promote the cultural and social welfare of front-line soldiers. His personal archive, featuring documents and a unique art collection of trench artists, will once again highlight the commitment of this distinguished observer.

A lavishly documented book on Juul Filliaert's wartime experiences is being published to coincide with this exhibition.