Marktplein 7
8620 Nieuwpoort

We regret for saying goodbye to our biggest worn giant of Europe, Jan Turpijn. But before he goes, we will celebrate all together including Jan Turpijn and his giant friends. We would like to invite you for our greatest event of the summerl, the Giant Festival.

Giant Program:

Giant Games 13.30 pm - 16.30 pm Leopold II park / Kerkstraat / Marktplein
Giant Parade 16.30 u. - 18 u. Stadscentrum
Goodbye Jan Turpijn 18.30 u. Marktplein
Giant Party 19 u. - 23 u. Marktplein
Giant Counter Non-stop Marktplein
Giant Streettheater Non-stop Marktplein / Reuze Plein De Vierboete

The fully detailed brochures will be available in the beginning of July at our Tourism Office our at the information desk the day of the event on the scenery.