Afbeelding concert


29/07/2020 to 02/08/2020


8620 Nieuwpoort

058 22 44 22

Follow the... Feniks (Phoenix), a captivating entertainment featuring projections, theatre and live music, at Nieuwpoort Market Square.

A touching story about having to let go and having the determination to start again and move on, rebuild. 

Directors Mieke Dobbels and Frieda Vanslembrouck - accompanying music by Johan Bouttery - join forces to recall Nieuwpoort as a typical example of a Reconstructed City after the First World War. 
An original nocturnal walking tour with fascinating anecdotes followed by a grand finale to talk about for long after.

Making something out of nothing, ...

Every evening with a nocturnal walking tour at 6.30 pm and 7.30 pm and a grand finale at 10 pm.

Tickets for the nocturnal walking tour cost € 7,50 per person and are available from 15 March 2020, online and at the Tourism Office.


Tickets sold will not be taken back or exchanged.

The grand finale is free for the general public.