03/11/2019 to 30/12/2022

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City Golf is a walking tour where tourists can discover the sights and identity of a city as well play golf in an urban environment in incredibly beautiful settings. Playing golf in a city?  Unlike the regular version of this sport, City Golf does not involve sending the ball toward a hole but getting it to hit a target. This target can be a statue, fountain or obstacle that already exists in the city.

Our team is made up of locals, who know their city inside out and are eager to share it with you. Join us on a City Golf tour to discover fun facts and intriguing stories about the city you are visiting. Combine an eventful experience with a focus on the city during this amazing city safari. As no prior knowledge is required to enjoy City Golf, everyone is able to participate!

The City Golf concept is the perfect way to organise a teambuilding activity, offer an incentive or enjoy a memorable outing with your company, club, friends or family! City Golf was voted number one in 2019 for its focus on sustainable tourism. We really take everything and everyone into account in order to be able to provide high quality tours in a perfectly safe environment.

No golfing experience required

No golfing experience, familiarity with the rules of the game or a GVB (golf licence) are required to play City Golf. The basic principles are explained before the start of each tour, so as to ensure everyone has a good time. Little or no experience with the sport is bound to add to the fun you have playing City Golf!

Opening hours

City Golf can be played from Monday to Sunday all year round. You can choose the date, the starting time and the city where the teambuilding or group outing will take place. We try to be as flexible as possible when it comes to meeting our customers' requirements, depending on what is available.


You can choose between a 6-hole (2 hours) or 9-hole (3 hours) course. The 6-hole tour can be combined with another activity and the 9-hole tour is recommended if you want to keep playing for longer. Both the 6-hole and the 9-hole tours will give you an in-depth understanding of the chosen city.


Starting point

Our tours always start at a central location that is easy to reach by private or public transport. Parking facilities are always available close by.


You certainly are!  Before the tour gets underway, we like to spend some time welcoming the group. The equipment will then be handed out and the next steps explained.


All participants will be provided with a golf club, a ball and a tee mat. Suitably adapted equipment is available for women, men, right- and left-handed people and children.

Introduction to golf

Before the start there will be a short introduction about how to hit the ball and the rules of the game. Then it's time to start playing City Golf in earnest!


At each hole we keep track of your progress on a scorecard and at the end of the game we announce the winner. Some competition is always a welcome part of the game!

Experience 2.0

What the participants feel is an essential component of a game of City Golf. A voyage of discovery through the city and stopping off at 6 or 9 places to hit a ball - a winning combination.

City Golf can also be arranged as a teambuilding or group outing.


6 holes (2 hours)

€20 per person. (possibility to enjoy a discount starting from 12 persons)
Included: introduction to golf, hire of golf equipment, guidance during the tour and insurance against damage. Min. 10 persons.
Possibility to add a 30-minute break at a local cafe (drinks at your own expense).

9 holes (3 hours)

€25 per person (possibility to enjoy a discount starting from 12 persons)
Included: introduction to golf, hire of golf equipment, guidance during the tour and insurance against damage. Min. 10 persons.
Possibility to add a 30-minute break at a local cafe (drinks at your own expense).   

Holes in Nieuwpoort


  • Beach/dunes
  • Sea wall at Loodswezenplein
  • Lombardsijdestraat with view of Jan Fabre's sculpture entitled Searching for Utopia
  • Ysara Arts Centre with view of the harbour channel (and the lighthouse)
  • Paul Orban Promenade
  • Prins Maurits Park/Bloso
  • Artanlaan (car-free area, towards the tree)


  • Market square with the City Hall and Grain Hall (better known as the Municipal Hall)
  • St. Laurens Tower (popularly known as Duvertorre) and Jeanne Panne statue
  •  Our Lady's Church and the carillon tower
  • Leopold II park
  • Astrid Park
  • Municipal Fish Market
  • Kaaiplein with view of King Albert I monument

For further details or to book a City Golf tour in Nieuwpoort please consult the following site: www.city-golf.be.