Practicle measures to control the coronavirus in Nieuwpoort

The coronavirus has put our lives on hold for a while. Tourism in Nieuwpoort is also affected by the measures taken to contain the virus. Below is a summary of measures relating to tourism in Nieuwpoort, ranging from recreational restrictions to actual bans.

Measures applicable to tourism

  • All activities have been cancelled till further notice.
  • Shops are open as from 11th of May onwards. Restaurants, cafes and B&B's are pen as from the 8th of June. Masks are mandatory in shops and in restaurants, hotels and bars when you're not in your room or sitting at a table.
  • The Friday market and the farmer's market are organised.
  • The ferry is operating again. (masks are mandatory)
  • Beaches are open to everyone, masks are not mandatory on the beach but you have to wear one when your leaving the beach.
  • You have to wear a mask at all times on the public domain in Nieuwpoort. 

Wishing you all the very best during these difficult times. We'll get through it all together!