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29 October 1914 was the date the Yser plain was flooded. One solution for overcoming the mighty Germany army was to open the taps as fast as possible, …

Of course, this was not how the world-famous flooding operation took place.
In 1914 not many peope really understood  the drainage and shipping channels and how the locks and overflows operated. Hendrik Geeraert, Karel Cogge and the Compagnie Sapeurs-Pontonniers (Pontoon Builders Company) played a key role. The Ganzepoot lock complex and the memorial monuments bear witness to the events of more than a hundred years ago.

Join us on a walk around the Ganzepoot lock complex with its six water channels and hear the guide explain the flooding operation and describe the significance of the commemorative monuments.

Meeting point: Entrance of the visitor center 

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