In search of what lives and breeds in the dunes. An amazing, awe-inspiring tour. Shrubs and flowers reveal their natural splendour, constantly changing with the seasons.

Birds and many other creatures are good at hiding or blending into the surroundings. The nature guide introduces you to the dune fragrances and colours, while regaling you with stories and anecdotes during this fascinating excursion.

Discover the magnificent Simli dunes to learn more about the history and origins of these mounds of sand. The instructional tour will reveal everything you need to know about pioneer plants, hollows in the dunes and which species are edible or poisonous.

 Or why drunken birds sometimes fly around the sea buckthorn bush in wintertime.


Meeting point: Nieuwlandplein, Nieuwpoort-Bad (corner with the G. Rodenbachlaan) 

Practical: Not suitable for prams and wheelchair users. Suitable for school trips to the seaside.

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