Loodswezenplein z/n
8620 Nieuwpoort

Standing on the pier trying to catch crabs along with the nature guide, a keen crab specialist. How exciting! The way to do things: take a crab net, attach the bait, tie the rope to the railing and throw it over! Just a little patience! The crab scents the bait and enters the net to collects it!

Is it a shore crab or a swimming crab, a male or a female? With or without a crab hacker barnacle, large or small? Has a leg been amputated? Ow! Ow! Painful or not? Maybe you'll catch one of those Asian crabs, brush-clawed shore crabs or Japanese shore crabs that appeared on our coast a few years ago. Sometimes we manage to catch a jellyfish or another sea creature in our net. And maybe we'll spot a seal! All the creatures are then released without being caught by seagulls.

Meeting Point: Loodswezen, Nieuwpoort-Bad (White building near the western palisade) 

Practical: Suitable for classes from the 3rd year of primary education onwards. Be sure to wear clothes suitable for the weather conditions (wind, rain, cold) / appropriate footwear.

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