Hendrikaplein 1
8620 Nieuwpoort

Opening hours

Meeting Point: Tourism office, Hendrikaplein, Nieuwpoort-Bad.

Setting off with the nature guide to comb the beach for the different types of shells washed ashore and learn their names and ecology.

All kinds of weeds, jellyfish, crab shells and so much more can be found in the washed-up materials on the shoreline.  Also take a look at the waste that washes ashore. When the tide is right, you can explore the beachhead where seaweed, barnacles, mussels, sea anemones and sea snails each try to stake out their own piece of territory! For groups with persons with reduced mobility, information can be provided at the pier and the dyke.

Meeting Point: Tourism office, Hendrikaplein, Nieuwpoort-Bad.

Practical: 2 Beach wheelchairs available (booking required!). Suitable for school trips to the seaside. Affected by tides. (Not at high tide!)

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